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RI Republican Chairs' Caucus


Every city and town has a Republican Committee. These committees endorse and work to elect Republican candidates for municipal office in their city or town.

Every two years each committee elects a chair to lead them. (The term chair has recently started to replace chairman or chairwoman.)

"There shall be a standing State Chair's caucus of city and town chairmen which shall include all 39 city and town chairs and the State chairs."

"The purpose of the Chair's Caucus will be to support and convey local concerns to the State Committee and its officers and to assist one another in solving local problems."


-- RI Republican Party By-laws


What can I do?

The people of the State of Rhode Island need a choice this November. We need to take back our state from the special interest groups that have destroyed it. Please fill in the information below and someone from your local committee or the caucus will contact you.

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